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Curved wooden furniture: the big design trend for 2022

Design inspiration often comes from the past, and that’s the case with one of the biggest design trends for 2022, the curved wooden furniture trend.

Curved wooden furniture: the big design trend for 2022

Design inspiration often comes from the past, and that’s the case with one of the biggest design trends for 2022, the curved wooden furniture trend.

Have you noticed that curvy wooden furniture is popping up everywhere? In interior design, in furniture, architecture, you only have to take a look at some of the most influential accounts on Instagram to see how this furniture trend is becoming more and more popular.

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After many years, where straight lines inspired by 20th century modernism have been the norm, synonymous with contemporary style, design preferences are shifting in the opposite direction. Now curved lines and elements that were once considered old-fashioned, such as arches and curved edges, are synonymous with contemporary and trendy.

Curvy furniture: the reason for this trend

The explanation for the design shift is quite simple: curves are playful and fun. However, they reflect our desire for a soft, cosy and also happy home after these two tough years.

British Vogue recently defined this curved style with its cute name: “puffy furniture”. The curves are cosy and evoke a fun yet feminine and soft world.

Curvy furniture trend: back to the past

Since the beginning of the 20th century, arches and curves have been considered retrograde, but today we look back, probably because we are “tired” of them, and are fascinated by the beautifully crafted expression of 19th century Art Nouveau.

In the last century, we already saw curved shapes become trendy in a few decades, in the 1920s with Art Deco, then in the modern design of the 1970s. We are at the beginning of the 2020s, a decade that is likely to be defined by curves again.

New bentwood furniture designs from the A’Design Awards
Designers are always on the cutting edge when talking about the trends that will define our living spaces, so it’s always interesting to take a look at the latest design creations to spot some inspirations and novelties.

Browsing through the winners of the furniture design category of the A’Design Award, we can already find some interesting samples of furniture with curves as well as bentwood. Here is our selection.

Curved sofas and armchairs

For a long time, including the Scandinavian style, the most minimalist furniture designs had straight shapes. With this new trend we say goodbye to those shapes and recover the curves in sofas and armchairs to create very pleasant and somewhat more youthful atmospheres.

Round, half-moon or semicircle tables and coffee tables

Both side tables and dining tables. We also have to leave behind the robust square or rectangular tables, to give way to a new trend in which curved tables predominate.

An ideal solution for small spaces, which encourages conversation and makes it easier to walk around them in the case of low tables.

Decorative details in curved shapes

Vases, plates, candles, lamps… Everything will be curved. We are at a time when everything artisanal or handmade is gaining in value. Therefore, when in doubt, if you want to follow the new trends in interior decoration, you know, curved accessories.

To achieve an elegant composition, play with colours and finishes, and mix and match, taking into account the different heights. And for lamps? The same: curved feet and lampshades with the same shape. Look at the photo and count all the curves you see, there are so many!

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