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Christmas is just around the corner, is your house ready to receive it?

Christmas is just around the corner, is your house ready to receive it? The time has come to decorate the Christmas house!

Christmas is just around the corner, is your house ready to receive it? This year, 2020, has undoubtedly been a different and special year. But to say goodbye, let nothing take away our desire to celebrate and feel the magic of the holidays inside the house. Because this year more than ever Christmas is lived at home. To get the right Christmas decoration we have gathered more than 8 tips or ideas that you will not miss.

Christmas decoration is multipurpose
And exaggerated. It has that touch of filling because you must not forget that it is a decoration that adds to the one that already exists in a house. But that exaggeration has charm and extreme warmth. But above all, Christmas decoration is multi-purpose. The decorations that one year decorate a shelf,3 another year can do it in the hall.

It gives a warm (and Christmas) welcome
To do this, nothing better than starting at the front door. Sometimes, you are not aware that the first impression your guests will have is the outside of your home. That’s why you should put up a garland, a wreath or any other decoration, like a lantern with a candle inside, to convey the Christmas spirit, even when the weather is not good.

Candles and natural elements
Using the elements provided by nature at this time of year is always a good idea to give our Christmas decoration a natural and charming touch. Pineapples, chestnuts, nuts, acorns, sprigs of fir, pine, moss… Mix it with candles, and violà! You’ll get results as sweet as they are surprising and worth showing off at any time of year, but especially at Christmas time!

Warm and peaceful lighting
The Christmas lights can be jumped from the tree and incorporated into the decoration of the house in a quiet way, integrating themselves into the rooms in a natural way, avoiding the ‘fair mode’, which is a bit old-fashioned. It is a question of finding a balance between general lighting and that of this time of year. In Mobile Diseño we help you to create an elegant atmosphere with white (colour has no place) and fixed lighting (preferable to light choreographies, with different blinks).

Outdoor environment
From Mobile Diseño we can help you to give a festive air to your garden or terrace by strategically placing some luminous elements, such as garlands, lanterns, reindeer with light… You should not miss the entrance door, to receive your guests, and make them participate in the Christmas spirit from the moment they ring the bell.

The Christmas tree: the centre of decoration
Although many houses have the traditional portal of Bethlehem with the figures of the Three Kings, it is the Christmas tree that becomes the centre of the decoration. As a tip, at Mobile Diseño we recommend you to decorate this Christmas, it is important to choose a tree of the right size for the place where it will be placed. This is the only way the tree will look and not be a hindrance.

As for its decoration, it must be filled with ornaments looking for a balance and a union point. In Mobile Design we will help you decide on two or three colours and play with them. Even the most fun decorations for the tree, multicoloured, are based on the same tones repeated in different elements.

Separate families but together by video call
Another fact that will occur this Christmas 2020 is to limit family gatherings to 10 people so there will be families who spend the dates indicated divided. But all you need to do is “pull” the video call to feel more together and share some time with them. And at Mobile Design we ask ourselves, why not decorate both family houses in the same way? Same colours, same decoration and table linen… even the same menu. In other words, we just miss each other physically. Decoration is very important to generate this bond between families. Shall we help you?

Now you have to enjoy the moment of decorating the house and seeing the decoration for several weeks. In this way also, doing it with time, you will be able to detect what adornments you are missing, what you would like to have. Shall we help you? Get in touch with Mobile Diseño and we will help you to make the most of your home during the most beautiful and charming time of the year.


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