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Build Your Office In An Industrial Building?

Build Your Office In An Industrial Building? Choosing an industrial warehouse as a workspace has become a trend in recent times, and why? mainly because of the versatility of its space, because these wonderful open-plan warehouses give us the opportunity to give free rein to a whole project of creativity.

Long gone are those impersonal offices, full of cubicles and identical to each other.

Entrepreneurs are now looking to give personality not only to their company but also to the place where work is carried out, and it is a fact that the more pleasant our workplace is, the better we work.

Why can a renovated industrial warehouse be a good office?

Apart from the above, the choice of this type of space as a workplace for an office has even more advantages, where safety distances and the flow of people must be controlled.

Coworking and open spaces have won the battle against compartmentalised spaces and working at common desks and in shared spaces. This is why industrial buildings are the preferred spaces to achieve these work environments.

Industrial buildings provide us with enough space to be able to maintain distance between workers, as they are usually large, open-plan spaces.

In addition to this, industrial warehouses can be used to combine each and every one of the different activities of the same business, without having to rent a separate warehouse space.

How to design and personalise an industrial warehouse?

We are not going to lie to you, we designers and interior designers love to face this kind of challenges and why?

Because it offers us a real blank canvas to create useful and practical spaces to develop our working life and at the same time give them design and personality.

But it is not an easy task, as designers, we have to manage to provide these large surfaces with an agile and productive workflow, integrating the different work areas of the company.

They are complicated projects, but really satisfactory.

At Mobile Diseño, specialists in integral reforms, we are going to make your workplace the perfect image of your company without forgetting the comfort of all users.

And how do we achieve this?

By paying attention to every detail.
And although the phrase sounds trite, in this case it is really true.
It is necessary to meticulously study the productive flow of the company in order to give each department or area the right space to achieve the best possible synergy.
In this way we will achieve a better flow and productivity.

And after this very important part of the project… comes our favourite part!

How do I decorate my industrial building?

Endless, inexhaustible, endless, innumerable…etc, etc. These are the possibilities offered by an industrial building

Starting with the basics, which probably already come as standard, such as brick walls, exposed pipes, concrete or cement floor, ceilings that can be registered… for me this is the essential, a base with which to mix styles and be original, transmitting the personality of the company through different decorative elements, but without losing sight, of course, of the functionality of the workspace.

But of course, this is just one of the multitude of styles that you can adapt within an industrial building, minimalism, for example, is not at odds with this industrial style, quite the contrary, and the mixture of these two great styles results in practical and uncluttered spaces, but at the same time very pleasant and comfortable.

A little further up, we have talked about dividing screens, unfortunately so fashionable nowadays, but the truth is that they have always been a very good option for dividing rooms without losing visibility.

With chrome or black profiles, with transparent or translucent glass, any option is good and will fit perfectly in our industrial warehouse decoration regardless of the style we want to give it.

As you can see, the transformation of an industrial building into the headquarters of your office is really advantageous, but for the project to meet all your expectations, we advise you to count on a team of professionals to develop and plan the whole transformation.

At Mobile Diseño, as experts in interior design and decoration in Marbella, we will be delighted to help you in this new project of office refurbishment by putting at your disposal a great team of expert professionals, who will meet all your expectations.

Call us and we will assess your project without obligation!

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