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Any decoration changes during confinement? It’s possible with Mobile Diseño!

As a result of the confinement measures taken against COVID-19, we were soon able to create the #YoMeQuedoEnCasa (#IStayAtHome) and #QuédateEnCasa (#StayAtHome),  this new process is taking place in which our house becomes the living space for everything. In other words, we spend day and night in a space where we work, eat, rest, take care of children and adults, exercise… all in one place, with the same interior design and decoration. That is why it is important that harmony reigns there and not only to maintain order.

Home space must be adapted

Home space must constantly be reconfigured, adapted to the new necessities and we begin to become conscious of what we like and what we don’t like, what is practical, what we lack and what we want to change. When we get back to normal, hopefully soon, we will want to improve the home. The interior will be thought from the point of this experience, which will allow us to perform better having other criteria. That is why Mobile Diseño wants to support you and be there for you, you just have to send us an email telling us what you want to change about your home and we will support you in improving it.

We spend more time in the kitchen

In the times of our grandparents, life was made around where they cooked, however, during recent years, speed, has prevailed, hurry, work, and a long etcetera, fewer and fewer people cook and houses have been used less and less, we have been doing almost all our life on the street and only going home to sleep. One of the beautiful things that is coming to us with this terrible pandemic is that we are all starting or returning to cooking, at Mobile Diseño we are sure that this experience is going to transform us all for the better, we are all going to get used to enjoying our homes, and our families in the simple things, cooking, playing, reading, resting, spending family time at home, which is a gift.


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For this reason, if this is your case, call us or send us an email in order to advise you, as we are experts in designing luxury kitchens, Italian style, exclusive, custom-made and especially, that fit perfectly to the needs of our customers, of your needs. You will be able to choose from the best high quality kitchen furniture.

The importance of comfort

We are going to think about the idea of comfort in more detail, thinking a lot about quality, emphasizing the good use of the facilities and the quality of them. The more time you spend in a space, the more care you need to take with the systems fitting it out.


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Natural light has become a luxury

This confinement has made the importance of natural light. Having a balcony, terrace or a good view has now been revalued and become a luxury. At Mobile Diseño we adapt these spaces to you, and if you don’t have an outdoor space, don’t worry, our team of professional experts in decoration will adapt any space to your needs, turning the indoor light into an element we generate different environments by placing strategic lighting points. And with this we can create different scenes for every time of day and every activity.

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Do you still have doubts about the decoration change?

Send us your concerns by email, social network or phone, a photo of the space you would like to change and we will make your dreams come true and change all those spaces and things in your home that you no longer want to see.

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