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Advantages and ideas for renovating an old house

Advantages and ideas for renovating an old house. Many people with a passion for interior design in Marbella, and elsewhere, dream of renovating an old house.

On the other hand, the complete renovation of a house offers great possibilities for those people who are not thinking of changing their residence right now.
In any case, reforming an old house is a process that requires a good prior analysis by specialists in Mobile Diseño Marbella or elsewhere, in order to propose practical options adapted to the day to day, but also to make the most of the advantages it offers.

What are the advantages of renovating an old house?

From our studio specialising in interior design and renovation in Marbella we are clear that the integral reform of an old house offers countless advantages, among which we can highlight:

The possibility of giving shape to a completely customised home. Reforming a home means creating, practically from scratch, the home you have always dreamed of. You will be able to adapt the distribution to your taste and circumstances, knocking down walls and redesigning rooms, as well as the spaces until you can create your home to your liking.

It is usually a more economical option. Obviously, it depends on the size of the property and the location, but opting to renovate an old house is usually more affordable than opting for a newly built home. It also gives you the possibility of accessing locations where there is no new housing.
It increases its market value. Whether you are thinking of buying an old house to turn it into your permanent home, or if you are looking for a home for a specific period of time, you should know that the renovation will be an investment thanks to which you will increase the value of your home.

Living in a more sustainable space. By renovating an old house you will be able to incorporate much more efficient and sustainable energy solutions, which will reduce costs while increasing the comfort of your home.
It gives you the possibility to create a unique home. Bearing in mind that there are some real architectural gems on the market, opting for the purchase and renovation of an old house gives you the opportunity to live in a unique space, but no less comfortable or practical for that.

Some ideas and recommendations for renovating an old house

As specialists in interior design and renovation in Marbella we understand that each case is different. However, our experience over all these years allows us to know a series of key points to make the integral reform of an old house a success.
Preserve the personality of the house. Although the main objective is to modernise the house, keeping some key elements intact, such as brick walls, floors or even beams, whenever possible, will be key to preserving that special essence of old houses.

Make the most of natural light. This is often a weak point in old houses, so the integral reform is the perfect opportunity to extend the advantages and take advantage of as much natural light as possible.

Don’t underestimate good insulation. This will increase the comfort of the house while reducing energy consumption.

Respect the materials and colours of the surroundings. This will help you to integrate the new home and you will be able to highlight the architecture and style of the area, a key element for an interior design and refurbishment studio in Marbella such as ours. We believe that maintaining the essence of each place should be the main objective of any interior design project in Marbella.

Are you in this situation of reforming your old house? Contact us without obligation and we will advise you on your options.

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