Marbella is a paradise to live and enjoy, who wants to spend time reforming your home? For this, there are already specialized companies such as Mobile Diseño Marbella that do all kinds of work; deals with the design, masonry, search for appropriate materials for each room, bathrooms, kitchens and of course furniture and decoration of your home, all to find the best solution that fits the client’s taste and budget.

What reform company do I choose?

In Marbella there are numerous companies that can offer this type of comprehensive reform service, what sets us apart from the others is: our long experience in the market, almost 30 years and a great exhibition (3,500m2) where you can find from tiles, bathrooms, kitchens, furniture, decoration, fabrics, wallpapers and lighting, in short, everything you need to make a comprehensive reform in your home without leaving our store.

Turnkey Project

The well-known term “turnkey”, a pleasure for customers, after having selected all the materials, tiles, flooring, as well as furniture, lighting and decoration, deliver the keys of the house you want to completely reform and forget Of all the inconveniences of the work, noise, dust, discomfort, it is the best solution, leave the team of professionals to manage all the work and arrive when everything is ready to enter to enjoy.

Bureaucratic problems

Before beginning the works of integral reform of a house, the necessary plans and elevations must be carried out, if they are going to proceed with demolitions of partitions, verify that this is viable and that they do not affect the rest of the building at all. Of course, in Mobile Diseño Marbella, we manage all the necessary papers so that your comprehensive reform is within the current regulations, making the necessary plans in addition to requesting the corresponding works licenses, you do not have to worry about anything.