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Contract Hoteles

A hotel’s image is a key factor in its success, governing the first impression of the end client. At Mobile&Diseño we know that the decoration of hotels is a distinctive element, marking and defining the personality of a given space. Bringing all the elements into harmony and finding a way to express the personality of the place requires professional, precise and rigorous study.

A contract for the hotel sector must always look for high quality, hard-wearing materials, without having to sacrifice elegance and an exclusive feel. All our projects are guided by the overriding need to meet the goals of our clients. As well as dealing with the needs of each individual space, we always focus on finding the perfect balance between the hotel furniture, interior design and decoration, offering an integrated service in Contract project management.

We are experts in creating unique and incomparable settings, attested by our extensive experience in refurbishing and remodelling hotels and other spaces, such as offices, restaurants, and private homes.

Mobile&Diseño offers you its 25 years and more of experience designing custom spaces, and an excellent service that meets the needs of the most exacting clients.

Mobile&Diseño creates experiences that make a lasting impression on every customer. We are specialists in the creation of unique, efficient and comfortable spaces.